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You have to know when to stop. But for Jamie, the joy of snowboarding down the mountain one more time was too fun to miss. So much, that he snuck his way onto a chairlift to do it. Then the lift froze. Now, as night falls and the temperature drops, he dangles high above the unforgiving peak alone in the darkness.

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A Fish Story

There's nothing more lonely than being lost at sea. Fortunately for Walter, he has company. Even if it is a sharking waiting to take a chunk of his flesh. As the two drift away together, will Walter find his way back to dry land? Will he become the man he's meant to be, or will he just become a snack?

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Sex, Revenge And Chocolate Cake

Chad has it all. Looks, confidence and a beautiful bride to be. Of course he does, he's Chad. But as the wedding approaches, he returns to the pastry shop of a lover he screwed over for a midnight cake tasting. She hasn't forgotten who he is or what he did. Will he get his just desserts?

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Bombs, Blondes and Boomers 

Another beautiful dawn breaks on a post-apocalyptic wasteland. And Autumn, a little girl growing up after the bombs, is off to make a delivery for her job. On the way, she'll have great fun in the broken ruins, radioactive skies and chasing two-headed pigeons. But why do adults seem so upset all the time?

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