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Coming 2024

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June 2, 2023

From Amazon #1 Bestselling author Russel Barrie (Sex, Revenge and Chocolate Cake) comes a thriller torn from the world of business, imagination and betrayal.

Reid Sheraton is a man in search of a challenge, designing games to keep his haunted mind busy to avoid his past. But when his company is bought by the Horizon Corporation, the mysterious Esin has other plans for him.

Horizon's annual Labyrinth is about to begin; a vast maze of puzzles and trials built to test their workers and push them beyond their limits. To the winners go the spoils: and Esin is determined to win the prize waiting at the center. With that, Reid is whisked away, into the technological dreamland of Horizon and preparing for the ultimate race.

But as the competition looms closer, motives grow darker. Someone at Horizon has bloody ambitions of their own, and those inside the Labyrinth will pay the price. In the dark hallways of the maze, blood will flow, and the lost souls within will meet the most pitiable of murderers. As people begin to die, Reid must lead those he's come to care about through, challenge by challenge, to the savage end. For the competition isn't about winning anymore, it's about staying alive.

"Whew! When I reached the end I realized I'd been holding my breath for a long time...Highly recommend!"
-Nancy Walker, Author, A Planet Called Imagine

Novels: Work
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